Design and Sustainability walking side by side


Changing Fashion One Step At a Time. 

At Caíques we believe that shoes and sustainability can walk side by side. That’s why we handcraft our shoes in a mindful way, using left over leathers from mass production companies and recycling airplane tires into the soles of our shoes. The result are shoes that are lightweight, flexible, strong and full of meaning and respect for the world.

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Thoughtful Process


Following a family tradition, we craft each pair of shoes by hand, using as little machinery as possible.

Deliberate Materials

We select materials that are beautiful, sturdy, and would otherwise go to waste, such as discarded leather for the shoe itself and old airplane tires for the soles.

Less Waste

In addition to using upcycled leather and tire rubber, we optimize the cuts we make in order to use as much of our material as possible.

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